Thursday, May 31, 2007

Godless American

In my Godless American t-shirt.

Uneventful letter to my family

Nothing that exciting here. Although we did have a nasty hail storm last night. This time the car was in the garage, thank GOD! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) DH's old chick mobile was outside, but it's been beat up so much on the highway I don't think he was too concerned about it.

Funny thing about the hail storm. It formed right over us and stayed for several hours spitting large pea sized ice most of the time. I kept thinking, damn, that pool is just warm enough to go swimming in and now ice is being chunked into it! I checked it later and the temp change was negligible. Good thing because Brother and Niece are coming to play in the pool and have pizza for lunch. Unfortunately it is forecasted for 40% chance of thunderstorms in the PM.

I've started a new workout routine to increase my speed in the court and it's leaving me very sore. It'll take me a few more days to get used to using those muscles. I've also gained a couple of pounds in muscle as a result of this new workout and it's really bothering me. I know where the extra weight is and it's not in a good spot. (OK, on the thighs.)

Houston area soldier killed on Memorial Day. Article follows:

HOUSTON -- A soldier from Pasadena was killed in action in Iraq on Memorial Day, KPRC Local 2 reported Tuesday.

Second Lt. Kile Grant West and his crew were attempting to rescue a downed helicopter crew when their vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device.

I feel bad for Cindy Sheehan because her heart is in the right place, but the public wasn't ready to hear her message. I think there's some truth to her statement, "I have tried ever since he died to make his sacrifice meaningful," she wrote. "Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives."

Sad, but so very true. Those who have sacrificed understand, those who haven't don't. I don't make any claims about understanding what it means to lose one's child in this war. From what I've read about those who have, the pain is excruciating to imagine what our goals were when this started and the lack of goals now especially in light of the lies that were told. No, I don't understand. I think that with every death we experience we are no closer to resolving this conflict. Oh, and our great president has forecasted August to be a very difficult month and that casualties could increase over the summer. Just makes you want to puke.

On a lighter note: Priest Boots Organist Who Sells Sex Toys. What's with this religious preoccupation with sex? Don't answer, I already know!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

What I look like

This is me. I thought I'd put a picture with the blog.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Christian pamphlet

Sorry, there were no pamphlets at the gym yesterday. I suppose I could've gone into the men's room to see if they were being targeted too.

Anyway, I'll keep looking.

Join the RALLY FOR REASON for people who accept evolution over superstition and myth

People from all over the country are invited to join outside of the gates of “Answers in Genesis” (AiG) in Northern Kentucky to let the world know that many rational Americans do not share the primitive world view that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, and that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time, as presented by the 27 million dollar plus “Creation Museum” opening Memorial Day, May 28, 2007. Various groups, representing both religious and secular orientations, will join together to protest this destructive world view.

The organizers stress that they do not challenge the right of AiG to present their worldview. “They can teach that things fall up if they wish,” said Edwin Kagin of Union, Kentucky. “We are simply trying to show that the nonsense they are vending is not accepted by those who do not share their fundamentalist religious views.”

Our purpose: to promote the teaching of science and to raise public awareness of anti-science efforts by religious fundamentalists.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Quiz for fun

You scored as Scientific Atheist, These guys rule. I'm not one of them myself, although I play one online. They know the rules of debate, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and can explain evolution in fifty words or less. More concerned with how things ARE than how they should be, these are the people who will bring us into the future.

Scientific Atheist


Spiritual Atheist




Apathetic Atheist


Militant Atheist


Angry Atheist




What kind of atheist are you?
created with

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Deed

Last week I noticed a pile of pamphlets in the ladies room of the gym I go to work out. Curious I went to see what they were about and was shocked to see a christian cross with the title "Where do you think you go when you die?" on the front page. Yuck, I thought, you can't even go to the gym without them trying to get you.

I walked away thinking about those poor wretched people who need comfort for something we can't escape from anyway.

Yesterday I found myself in the same situation and there was one pamphlet left. One single pamphlet there to poison someones mind. First I looked around to make sure I wasn't being watched, then I stuffed it into my purse. Furtively I crept out of the bathroom to a large garbage bin outside and tossed the offending material into the trash where it belonged. Success! I felt so much better although my work is just beginning. I have a feeling I'll have to do this often.

Updates will be posted as they happen.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video about the Rise of the Moral Majority


A relative dumps me

I'm actually proud of this one.

A little history. This relative is another cousin once removed. Carol is so religious it is scary, but to her credit, she and her husband run two churches in their town so it is their livelihood.

Last year I had several discussions with her about the origins of morality and evolution. She told me that I was completely and utterly wrong when I suggested that man invented religion to explain the unexplainable and then later to control the masses. When I suggested some reading material she declined. I was so disenchanted that I withdrew from the family email and immersed myself into fighting this kind of arrogance.

This past month I felt prepared to deal with her and rejoined the group. I immediate hurled an attack on the Iraqi War in such a way I knew would get her attention. She responded immediately, but changed the subject by making it look like I was picking on Christianity when I was actually pointing out how Christianity influenced our president into entering this crazy war.

She also included this passage:

"Your attack still is with Bush being Christian. So much of what you inserted was about God speaking to Bush - and as a Christian, I know that happens to every one of us - you too - but you choose to claim you personally have more knowledge than God and you have somehow gotten the idea that it is your mission to change the minds of Christians - to follow your belief. When we talked before, I felt I was the one to change your mind. However, I realized I was not. I am still not the one to change your mind but - it is now my mission to state my mind and beliefs as strongly as yours - which I have the right to do - knowing we are never going to agree. - ultimately that makes the conversation futile - and a waste of both our times."

I won't include the whole email in this post for obvious privacy reasons, but notice how she assumes lots of things about me like I really do believe in her god but am denying it for whatever reason. I especially like the part where she thought it was her mission to convert me, and assumes what my mission was. I never stated I was going to change her, my goal was for her to give me information that she bases her opinions on about the Iraq War. That was it. In her delusional mind she turned it around to this. Brilliant!

In response to this particular email I wrote:

"Carol, I reread your last email and realized you and I are discussing two completely different things. I thought we were discussing the Iraqi War and now I see that you thought we were discussing religion. It never occurred to me discuss religion with you so if you read that into my emails you are mistaken. If you would like for me to answer your last email please let me know. I only referred to Bush's Christianity because it was relevant to the discussion. That was it. I would feel the same way, and many other moderate Christians do, if I was a Christian. My atheism as NOTHING to do with Bush being a Christian and starting this war because of his beliefs. I'm sure you know this and I assumed as much. Please reread my emails with this in mind and I'm sure you'll have something completely different to write about. If not, then that will be even more interesting!"

That was dated May 15 and I have yet to hear from her.

In another discussion I had with a Christian relative several years ago, she also accused me of knowing everything or knowing more than god. Do they really think that's the only way to be an atheist? Are they being arrogant by stating this? How do they even come up with this?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Old friend dumps me

The title of this sounds much worse than it is. I'll explain. In HS my friend Kevin was someone who I admired in an odd way. He was a self proclaimed atheist, loner, poet, story teller, and pot head. Over the years we've kept in contact, sometimes losing touch for years at a time. With the Internet we've managed to maintain some contact, but to be honest, the effort was more on his part than mine.

Recently we've been discussing politics and he revealed to me that he converted to Catholicism several years ago. I was mildly shocked and asked what happened to the atheist I knew in HS. He said that it was an act, he wanted to appear to be intelligent and thought that was a cool way of expressing himself. As one can imagine, I was disappointed and let him know as much.

Over the past few months our discussions have gotten personal and disturbing. At one point he asked me to let him have his crutch, but I guess I couldn't let go. This is one of the last letters I wrote him:

Dear Kevin,

OK, I get what you're saying, that I should let you be happy in your delusion. You seem to understand, even at an unconscious level, that you are doing this for emotional reasons. Although I don't get that part, I respect your right to do such a thing. I have several good friends that cannot handle talking about Jesus with me and we've decided not to discuss religion. They know that if they mention God and/or Jesus the bet is off and I am free to talk about their unnecessary belief system. I'm sadden by this kind of arrangement but I always honor it. Perhaps that is what we should do. We can have civil conversations without the mention of God, Jesus, or the Bible. What say you?


Ok, I was harsh and unforgiving, but I was getting tired of his repeated attempts at injecting God/Jesus into discussions that would've been better handled without the supernatural. This small sampling of his letter:

"Earlier I thought we might continue as friends, but I've come to see that we can't truly preserve our friendship, talking around the elephant in the room. It would be a hollow relationship, devoid of heartfelt passion. Friendship should have to be carried like gossamer crystal, in fear of it's shattering. I cannot discuss anything without God. He is woven into my bones and my soul. This leaves only silence. So, with the deepest regret, the fondest memories, and the greatest hope for your happiness, be well, do good work, and continue reaching for the stars."


My response:

Dear Kevin,

Sometimes relationships fail. If we had communicated more or had more contact I'm sure this would've happened sooner.

Good luck and I wish you nothing but the best.



I know this looks bad, like I'm evil or something but I'm not a sentimental and I can't fake it. When a relationship ends I believe in letting it go and giving the other person release and finality. This is what I did and I would want that myself.

Was I too harsh?

Friday, May 18, 2007


My brother and I did the coolest thing today. We went to SplashTown. This is a water park with all kinds of slides and pools for mostly children to enjoy, but we decided being 40+ wasn't going to stop us.

The best slide was called The Tornado. It's a huge funnel laying sideways with a chute that, after lots of twists and turns and one nice, unexpected drop, deposits a float with 1-4 people into it. You then go back and forth within the funnel as lots of water squirts all over you getting you soaking wet. The first time was very scary as we were very high up and my back was to the opening of the chute. I didn't see the drop coming and the thrill of it forced me to scream. The whole time my brother is laughing hysterically at me.

We did it 4 times! I can't wait to do it again!

My brother and I were, by far, the oldest people doing the slides. Oh yeah, I did mention that I'm easy to please.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

All is good

I wrote earlier in the week about how I got caught in a hailstorm whilst at a small party. The hailstones were about dime to quarter size and I had hoped my little car was spared any damage. As I was washing her later I discovered four large dents and many smalls dings, mostly on the hood. I was heartbroken since I take very special care by parking away from people and being conscious of my surroundings most of the time.

After talking to the dealership they suggested that I go to a different place where they have a service set up specifically for this kind of damage. My appointment was this morning and the estimate was much less than I anticipated. After working on my car for about an hour Joey (super cool guy) returned my car to her original state. He even buffed out some tiny but noticeable scratches.

All is fine in my little world now, and yes I am that easy.

Christopher Hitchens on Falwell's death

You gotta love this guy!

Christians and atheists talking to each other? Calmly?

I found this article on one of the atheist sites I frequent. This article was very refreshing to read, especially since I'm having a difficult time getting a Christian relative to calm down and actually read what I write. It is written by a Christian and has a kinder, gentler way of viewing the differences between us. {{Sigh}} I wish the world were really like this.


Christians and atheists start a calmer dialogue |

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

As I watched this video the middle part of it made me so angry that I cried. Those young people are not fighting for us. We are not safer now than before. The terrorists are NOT coming here and don't have the resources to take our country away from us. They may come here in small numbers and kill a few of us like on 9-11, but the cost is too high to keep them away. I'd rather have all my liberties intact, be protected on our shores, and take a chance on getting killed here than worry about my rights being taken away by a government that lies to me.

Yes, I support the troops enough to want them all home, safe and sound, now!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Conversations with Xtians

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with an old friend. Barbara is a wonderful, intelligent, open minded, and caring person. She not religious, but she hasn't given up the idea of God or Christianity. Over lunch we somehow got on the subject of morals.

About 5 minutes into this conversation I realized she assumed that I was a believer! I had told her several years ago that I was agnostic on the subject of God and was surprised she didn't take that into consideration. I stopped the conversation to ask her if she remembered me telling her that and she waved a hand and said "Yeah, but you're just mad at religion. Deep down inside you really believe."

I smiled. I've been waiting for someone to say this to me for months.

Well, I said, it's true that I rebelled against the religion of my parents. As a result I decided to find God on my own and discovered he didn't exist. If I'm angry, which I admit some anger, it's because my parents and family taught me something they should've investigated. I did the foot work and found the information wanting. In fact, I've progressed in my search and am now a strong atheist because of the lack of evidence for god.

This time she smiled at me. But morals come from being spiritual and you are a very spiritual person. You have to believe morals came from God.

This time I asked her to explain that concept to me. All she could come up with was this feeling that she has. I then proceeded to tell her about the evolution of morals within the framework of ancient human society and why we are good to each other. I also explained that animals that live in groups have proto morals and primates even have higher morals than that. At the end of the conversation she was impressed. She saw that I didn't take being an atheist lightly and that I researched and had good explanations for things she just had feelings for. If she thought anymore about it I couldn't say. I hope she did.

Trouble with Hell

Actually, that should be hail, like ice that falls from the sky. I was caught in a hailstorm last Thursday night in my beautiful red convertible sports car. As the storm ended I had hoped that there would be no damage and couldn't tell that night because of darkness and rain. The next day I looked the car over and found 4 bad dings. Arrgghh, I was sick to my stomach. Tomorrow I'll go by the dealership with hopes that it can be easily fixed.

I wrote my relatives about this incident fully expecting to get at least one email about God punishing me for whatever evil thing I've done. So far they've been strangely silent. That's too bad, I was looking forward to writing an essay about probablity and random events.

The trouble with Islam

Update: This video was made by Pat Condell and you can visit his website here. If you liked this video do a search on YouTube to see more. It's worth the effort. You can also view his rants on

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun with family

After an exchange of email with a fundy relative this is an answer that I got:

I know you are an atheist as we have had several email exchanges about our different beliefs. I certainly respect your beliefs and am grateful that you respect mine. You are family and I will always love you even when we disagree!

This really creeped me out so I wrote this reply:

Thanks for your kind words. I have family here in TX that will no longer speak to me because of how I think. First thing is I don't have "beliefs." I base my worldview on facts. I don't believe in a personal god or savior because the world operates by natural laws which don't require a supernatural power. So I have a naturalistic worldview based on provable facts which many, many different fields of science provide. I don't have "faith" or "comfort in eternal life" to get thru the day. Facts, not beliefs, guide my life.

What I respect is your right to believe whatever you want based on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the US, but I don't respect your beliefs. In fact, with what I know about Christianity, I find it hard to believe anyone buys into it in this modern day and age. Sorry, but the OT reads like a bad horror novel (Jewish myths designed to keep the people somewhat civil to each other thousands of years ago) and the NT is a revised version of old pagan savior myths (also designed to keep people civil to each other hundreds of years ago).

That is only part of what bothered me about Christianity. There is so much more that I cannot put it down in a simple email. You wouldn't believe me anyway. Your religion tells you that I'm wrong on so many levels that you will never understand what I'm talking about. I understand that and am grateful I was never so indoctrinated. I do have to say that I cared so much that what I was taught as a child was the truth that I searched and searched but only found that it wasn't the truth. I cared so much that it took years to convince me and was very sad when I finally had to let go of my superstitions. Now I'm free to love or stay away from people based on their qualities, not what some ancient document tells me I have to do. I can use my own intellect to research and base my judgement on actual facts instead of taking the default position of the bible or what my pastor tells me. It's hard work and it's not fool proof, but it has served me much better than blindly believing in ancient dogma.

Now you see how I think and why.


I blind forwarded this exchange to my freethinking cousin and this was his reply:

You are so confrontational. And that is said with a smile on my face. (One of the problems with email conversation is that there is no facial or tonal inflections possible. Just words.)

You gotta love this guy!

Anyway, I'm enjoying my new-found freedom and will continue to update my blog with the exchanges I have with my relatives.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Rejoining family

Last year I ended my involvement with a family email list that my father had created several years ago. The reason was the immense religiosity of the contributors and the devotion the people have to the invisible sky daddy. Each morning, after reading several emails, I would be shaking my head at the ignorance of people I was distantly related to. It was heart breaking and unbelievable. I had to quit for my own piece of mind.

There is one member who shines with free thought and I've continued to get his emails. Recently he's been writing about the Iraq war and forwarding some of the responses back to me. They have been incredible. One relative referred to Revelations and the coming of Jesus, another just said it was in God's hands. After a few of these emails I felt compelled to contribute. The text below is what I plan to send after a little more reflection on my part.


I'm still getting John's emails, since the two of us have struck a friendship built on commonality. I'm intrigued by his devotion to humanizing the Iraqi War and putting a young face on each casualty. I want so much to contribute to this discussion as I have much to share.

Within the framework of this family I imagine John is getting lots of emails from those who feel this war has God's signature all over it. I can't disagree more. This war, this war that is killing the young men and women of our country, is a product of President Bush's imagination. The evidence is overwhelming that the story of WMD's was fabricated to ensure the American public would accept sending our military into harm's way. Bush's ignorance about the Arabic people, their customs and religion, has destroyed any positive political compromises we might have made in the future. The area is destabilized and a quick solution is almost certainly unattainable, at the cost of many more thousands of young American lives. Bush's father didn't invade Iraq when he had the chance because he knew it was a bad idea. His son didn't listen to his real father, but a voice inside his head, which was just as uninformed as he was.

This is a religious war for sure. It's religious on Bush's side because he freely admits he gets direction from a higher power. I'm sure he means God. He certainly didn't listen to his advisers who were more informed. It's too bad he didn't find out more about Islam before he attacked Iraq. This is a religious, civil war. The Shites, Sunnis and Kurds have different ways of viewing their holy book and each of them is right, so they kill each other over words. Imagine the Baptists and Methodists killing each other over the interpretation of Christianity's holy book. It's the same thing. Stupid.

Within a holy war it's impossible for there to be a winner. The reason is because each side firmly believes they are right and cannot be converted. In fact, to be converted is a death sentence. Become an apostate and you die, become a Christian and you die. Simple. How can we fight in a war such as this? I don't know. I hope part of the solution is to get our young people out of harm's way and handle this problem differently. Trying to solve a problem unsuccessfully the same way over and over is insanity. Our president has proven his insanity in dealing with the Middle East.

I have read that one problem with Islam is that they have yet to go thru an enlightenment age. For example the Enlightenment against Christianity got us out of the Dark Ages, resulted in a secular government here in the United States, and started a surge within the sciences. Many educated Muslims are aware of this problem and are trying to encourage education and tolerance within Islam. It's a long difficult road, but I feel worth the effort.

Feel free to comment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

commenting on a commenter

A commenter recently stated:

"I don't mean to judge/criticise your mum, but christianity does not treat colored with inferiority. If anything, we r called to be treat everyone as equals."

This is the classic case of the atheist knowing the bible better that the christian. Don't these people read their handbook? I get really pissed when I get these kinds of arrogant and ignorant comments.

Another thing that always bothered me growing up in a christian environment is the way women are treated in the bible. My mom used to comment all the time about how women really aren't supposed to be teachers and should always obey their husbands no matter what. Huh? Yeah, that was something this little girl didn't want to be part of. I had high aspirations of becoming an engineer and competing with men on equal terms. According the bible I was not allowed to do that, and I learned this from my mother. BTW, my mother thinks she a christian and, in my eyes, that makes her a christian.

Here's a great article written by Sam Harris on the treatment of women as property in the modern world in accordance with various holy writs.